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Vigo Auditorium PPP Project - undergoing termination

Wednesday November 22nd

The SPV that was awarded the PPP project to construct, operate and maintain Vigo’s Auditorium is undergoing termination. The bankruptcy administrator that will be appointed upon the signature of the company termination act shall elaborate the liquidation plan of the company.

“Ciudad de la Justicia de Madrid” – The end (for the time being)?

Tuesday November 21st

“Ciudad de la Justicia de Madrid” is a PPP Project that aimed to regroup the Regional justice facilities that are currently spread all over Madrid. Madrid Regional Government launched the tendering of the PPP project in 2015, although it decided to cancel the project immediately after its award. The decision was brought to court by the awardees of the project, OHL and Acciona. A recent ruling by Madrid Supreme Court states that the Regional Government had the right to cancel the project, mainly on the grounds that a previous contract (from 2007) to develop the project is still in force.

New Spanish Public Contracts Act to be enabled

Tuesday November 21st

Spain has a new Public Contracts Act. The main purpose is to transpose European Law, as well as to increase efficiency and simplicity into the process. The New Act brings some significant changes, such as the regulation of market tests carried out by the public sector before the tendering of a Public Contract, the disappearance of the “public service management contract” in favor of the new “services concession contract”, and the disappearance of the “public-private partnership contract”.

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