Frequently asked questions

Where does the project information come from?

From public Sources, such as Public Administrations websites and press releases, private sponsors websites and press releases, news, reports from Consultancy firms, etc.

Do you have more information avalible on a particular project?

Not on this website, but we have much more information on the majority of the projects. Actually, the amount of information generated on each project can be overwhelming. Each project has, for instance, it’s own contract, financial and accounting statements, reports submitted to the Public Authorities, etc.

Where do the news in your newsletter come from?

From public sources – such as online newspapers and magazines, websites from associations and Public Administrations, etc.

How is this website financed? What is your business model?

This website is privately funded by Juan Molina, Vicente Alcaraz and Manuel Ruiz. Its main purpose is to establish a complete database on PPP projects that can be easily accessed by PPP practitioners and researchers. In the future we may consider including additional premium services to finance the cost of running the website.

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